City of Brampton

City of Brampton (old)

Brampton is a new city with an old town in its centre.

People first came here in the 1830s. For many years Brampton was a small town surrounded by farmland. One of the early names of the area was 'Buffy's Corners'.

Brampton also includes Bramalea, Castlemore, Claireville, Churchville and Huttonville.

If you are looking for local history, a book is a great place to start. You will find books on local history at the Archives at PAMA. The same books are available at the Brampton Library.

Still have questions?

You may need to visit the archives. Archival records can help, such as:

  • maps
  • aerial photographs
  • fire insurance plans
  • major photo collections
  • records of local government

You can read one of Brampton's newspapers, the Brampton Conservator (Brampton Daily Times) from 1876 to 1990. The newspaper is on microfilm so you can print copies or make scans.

Looking for photographs?

The Archives has thousands of photographs. If you are looking for images of Brampton, visit the archives and ask for these collections:

  • Brampton Guardian
  • Brampton Times
  • Brampton Studio Photographs
  • Cecil Chinn
  • Cecil Henry

Photo Gallery: Bramalea Then and Then will appear here on the public site.