All the Comforts of Home

The Perkins Bull Convalescent Hospital for Canadian Officers

Can one family make a difference in times of war? 

In 1916, one family did.

Dorothy Bull.JPGWilliam Perkins Bull was a Canadian. He lived in London, England. During World War I many Canadian soldiers passed through this city. The Bull family invited them to stay in their home. 

Many of the soldiers were injured during the war. They came back to London for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Bull set up a small hospital in a nearby house so that Canadian officers had a special place to recuperate. Many of them said it was like being at home. 

Several important Canadians stayed at the hospital, including Billy Bishop, our most honoured World War I pilot. 

Visitors will see the engraved silver cup presented to Mrs. Bull by grateful soldiers, the hospital's guest book, photos, and other fascinating items.