The PAMA archives reading room features rotating content from the collection. The archives is open daily, Tuesday through Friday.

Changing exhibitions currently on display in the Archives include:

Capturing the Moment

On now until Mar. 17, 2019
Tunnel Gallery

Photojournalism is an art! Peer through the lenses of Peel photojournalists from the 1940s to the 1990s. Discover images from the PAMA Archives collection documenting daily life and hard news in Peel and around the world.

Peel photojournalist Russ Cooper poses for the camera, holding his Graflex Speed Graphic Camera, with a large flash attachment, 1959. Russell K. Cooper fonds.Featured are images from The Brampton Guardian, Caledon Enterprise, Brampton Conservator and Brampton Times, Peel Gazette, Streetsville Review through the Al Betts fonds, and Toronto Telegram through the Russell K. Cooper fonds.

Image: Peel photojournalist Russ Cooper poses with his Graflex Speed Graphic Camera, 1959. Russell K. Cooper fonds.

Peel Through the Photographer's Lens

On now
Archives Reading Room

Explore exciting new additions to the Peel Archives' collections. Discover a wide range of remarkable, rarely seen photographs of Peel, captured by prominent local photographers Al Betts, Betty Odlum, and Ron Duquette.

Betty Odlum (1924-2015) was a gifted amateur photographer. She skillfully documented her neighbourhood, the changing nature of Brampton's downtown core, and the demolition of the Dale Estate greenhouses for new residential development. The Kodachrome images offer a portal to the Town of Brampton's development.

A resident of Mississauga for over 42 years, Ron Duquette (born 1943) featured images from his donation chart the progression of Mississauga from rural to urban, in particular through projects by S.B. McLaughlin and Associates. Featured images include Square One Shopping Centre, The Valleys neighbourhood, and the recent Mayor's Gala.

Al Betts had a lifelong passion for photography, starting his own business in Streetsville around 1965. Images featured in the exhibit come from commercial clients' orders, projects for the Streetsville Chamber of Commerce, and the pages of the Streetsville Review.

Alcohol Prohibition in Peel

On now
Archives Reading Room

With Canada's recent passing of Bill C-45 (the Cannabis Act), the Archives is highlighting Peel-based records on another controversial substance: alcohol.

The temperance movement, which first appeared in Canada during the early 1800s to discourage drinking, resulted in local and provincial bans on alcohol. These records show different reactions by individuals and organizations to this issue.