Works on Paper Gallery

David Somers, Curator and Manager of the Peel Heritage Complex (now PAMA) from 1989 - 2007 was instrumental in shaping the direction of the organization, in particular, its outstanding collection of art.  Before his untimely death in 2009, David established a Works on Paper Endowment Fund to ensure the collection would continue to grow in this key area.

Works on paper in PAMA's collection feature over 3,000 prints, drawings, paintings and photographs by contemporary and historic artists.  The Works on Paper Gallery showcases this part of the permanent collection in thematic exhibitions, including works given in memory of late Curator David Somers, as well as new acquisitions purchased with the support of the David Somers Works on Paper Endowment Fund. 

Mark Kasumovic's Badlands 2010

Image: Mark Kasumovic, Badlands, 2010, C-print. Purchased with the assistance of the David Somers Works on Paper Endowment Fund. Copyright with permission of the artist.