Images of War School Program

PAMA delivered a war poster school program that encouraged Grade 8 and 10 students to view the posters oPicture 22n display on PAMA, discuss themes and poster designs, and how they convey a message, stereotypes and symbols.
As part of the program, students interviewed a veteran about his war experiences. The Dominion Institute of Canada, through The Memory Project , coordinated local veterans who were interested in speaking to students and sharing their stories. Picture 21Many veterans brought objects and mementos to share with the groups. The combination of oral history, archival records and art was an overwhelming success, with hundreds of students participating.

MPicture 24r. Robert Warren, one of the many veterans who spoke with students, retired after more than 30 years of service. He enlisted as a young man and was a soldier, medic, and member of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Korea. Mr. Warren brought his uniforms, mess kit and other memorabilia, along with models and many other items to share with the students.

Picture 23Mr. Phillip Ash generously shared his stories with Peel students, especially his experiences during the Korean War, and his efforts to recognize and support Korean War veterans.





 *This program is no longer offered.

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