Learning Resources

Downloadable Lessons and Activities

Use these educational resources to engage in virtual learning by creating your own museum field trip at home or in the classroom. These hands-on education programs inspire continued learning and integrate curriculum throughout. Lessons include critical thinking questions and hands-on application of knowledge activities. 


Curriculum-Based Lessons

Museum Detective: Put on your detective hat, grab your magnifying glass and come explore some artifacts from the museum collection. Use your problem solving skills to determine what they are.
Spotlight: Art: Diving into the art gallery collection, we find abstract expressionist painter William Ronald. Using the Critical Analysis Process, explore abstract art and create your own!
War Posters: Using PAMA's Ivan Melhuish war poster collection, students will explore issues of war seen on the home front. Ivan Melhuish is just one of the stories found in PAMA's virtual exhibit, Stories of Service and Sacrifice. 
Inspiring Stories: Using PAMA's virtual exhibit, Inspiring Stories of Women in PAMA's Collection, students will reflect, respond and analyze the artworks of inspiring women.
Personal Stories: What can we learn through personal stories? This Learning Resource for National Indigenous History Month uses PAMA's We Are Here exhibit videos to help students explore history through storytelling.
Connecting to Nature: Using the critical analysis model, students will explore themes of ecological impacts and connection to land through Sara Angelucci's Botanica Colossi.
Visual History:  Archives Awareness week falls in April every year. This yearly celebration draws attention to the importance of archival institutions and the great work they do all year round. Explore how to analyze evidence using archival documents as clues. 
My Community: PAMA's Our Voices, Our Journeys virtual exhibition is a celebration of one of many Black communities in Peel Region. It highlights the personal journeys of leaders and mentors from the North Peel Community Church congregation. Share stories of community with your students while exploring personal stories and objects. 
Circle, Circle Square: This STEAM based lesson looks at art and artifacts from the PAMA collection. Students will be able to see the use of patterns in different ways. Students can predict the patterns and create their own.
Lines and Letters: Straight lines, jagged lines, wavy lines and curved lines. Investigate one of the elements of arts with activities and questions designed for kindergarteners.
First World War - Personal Stories: Letters and photographs help to tell the personal stories of soldiers and their families during the First World War. PAMA's virtual exhibition Our Boys: Peels Fallen Soldiers and primary sources from PAMA's archives will help students discover different points of view.  
Take a Tour - Simon HughesMove yourself through PAMA's Gallery and the exhibition Simon Hughes: Works, 2001-2020 in a virtual 360 degree experience. Use critical analysis to explore his use of the elements of art, representations of Canada and get inspired for your own creation.

Conservation Exploration: Explore PAMA's online exhibit, Morphology with teaching resources including critical thinking questions and a hands-on/application of knowledge activity.

Mapping: Explore maps from the PAMA Archives collection and create your own. 

Letters: Investigate a letter written in 1832. Reflect on the journey described in the letter and create your own. 


Nature: Get outside and explore nature with activities including a scavenger hunt and art inspired by the great outdoors. 

Artifacts: Exploring artifacts from PAMA's collection and learn more about what artifacts are as you try to identify them and their historic uses. 

Indoor Recess: Have fun indoors with an at home scavenger hunt and ideas for a visual book report. Also, curate your own mini museum. We can't wait to see what you come up with!