Beauty and Wonder: Deepa Wagh’s Sand Collection

May 4 – November 3, 2024

‘Beauty and Wonder’ is part of a new exhibition program called Peel Collects.

“I am from India and came to Canada in 2004. I have been living in Mississauga for almost 18 years. I pursue a few hobbies. And I also collect a few things. I collect incense, body bar soaps, and I collect sand from different beaches of the world…to name a few. 

The thought behind collecting beach sand is that of beauty and wonder. As a kid I would travel with my parents across the length and breadth of India during school summer holidays. India has a long coastline. What fascinated me was the color and texture of the sand that varies every few kilometers. Two different beaches within the same city could have two different varieties of sand. Though there is certainly a scientific reason for this phenomenon, I feel nature is incredibly beautiful! “– Deepa Wagh 

Exhibition Team: Museum Curators - Amy Dunlop (2024) and Claire Bennett; Exhibition Specialist, Maureen Couse; Curatorial Assistant, Chrissy Iredale; and Exhibitions Assistant, Barry Marshall.  

Peel Collects.  What do you collect?


This exhibit is part of a new exhibition program called Peel Collects. PAMA is inviting Peel residents of all ages and backgrounds to share their collections and stories for your opportunity to have your story exhibited at PAMA.

If you are interested in having your collection on display, please email the Museum Curator at

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Sand samples

Credit: Sample of Deepa Wagh’s Collection