Virtual Live Art 2021

On August 28, 2021, artists of all skill levels were invited to participate in an exciting day of creativity. Since 2016, artists have visited downtown Brampton in person to participate in the "en plein air" Live Art Brampton Competition Painting. Painting "en plein air" is defined as painting outdoors in daylight and the work is started and completed on the same day. 

This year Virtual Live Art went online.  Artists (18+) worked with their favourite medium and in their preferred style to interpret any of the beautiful natural areas, streetscapes, buildings and/or people anywhere in the Region of Peel. They started at anytime after 8:00 a.m. on August 28 and had to submit their finished artwork by 6:00 p.m. the same day. 

3 People's Choice winners were awarded a gift card to the artist's choice of DeSerres, Curry's or Michaels. Awards were made possible by the John Cutruzzola PAMA Arts Endowment Fund

1st - $250.00 gift card 

2nd - $150.00 gift card

3rd - $75.00 gift card  

People’s Choice winners

Thank you to all the artists that participated, to the public for placing over 3000+ votes and congratulations to the first, second and third place winners! 

First Place - Tahira Mujahid

Tahira started creating art when she was very young. Always encouraged by her parents she also had wonderful art teachers. She believes that art is something we keep learning throughout our life and, wanting to share with others, she became an art teacher for both young and old. She hadn't been painting in a few years, and with the recent loss of both her parents, it was difficult for her to find her creativity. Despite her husband's insistence. However, her children were adamant that she participate in the Live Art event and enrolled her in it. Her painting "Credit River in Churchville in Memory of Parents" was painted using acrylics. Tahira has been living in the Region of Peel for more than a decade.

"Credit River in Churchville in Memory of Parents" by Tahira Mujahid  acrylic on canvas, 24"x36" - Location: Brampton

"Credit River in Churchville in Memory of Parents" by Tahira Mujahid acrylic on canvas, 24"x36" - Location: Brampton

Second Place – Asma Sahar

Asma has always felt like a painter at her core but started painting semi-professionally during her studies for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She won multiple painting competitions in her hometown before moving to Mississauga. Nature and beautiful landscapes motivate her to paint, and she conceived this painting during a walk at Kariya park in Brampton. She lives and paints in Central Mississauga.


"Tranquility" by Asma Saharacrylics, 11"x14" - Location: Mississauga

Third Place – Hirnakshi Joshi

Hirnakshi Joshi is an amateur artist living in Brampton. She has been painting since childhood, and won several international awards. She draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Canada. 

Serenity is one such inspired piece of art, done at Chinguacousy Park in Brampton, using mixed media to create a unique effect.

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"Serenity" by Hirnakshi Joshi mixed media on paper (acrylic, watercolours, brush pen, coloured pencils), 9"x12"