Stories of Home: Finding Community and Belonging in Peel

March 2024

“Home is the dichotomy of both place and feeling---an arrival of sorts. For me, it is autonomy in comfort, familiarity, a sense of belonging. For me, this context extends to my environment, those who I am surrounded by, and most importantly, how culturally, socially, and emotionally I am welcomed, understood, and accepted. "Home," for me is almost synonymous with the context of "family."” - Zara Garcia-Alvarez, 2023  

Throughout history finding a home in Peel has been exciting, overwhelming and at times, difficult. The importance of establishing connections to a place and people creates a sense of belonging and strengthens communities. This immersive exhibition will examine the ideas of finding home, community and belonging in Peel. Centering personal stories, the exhibition will create connections between the Peel of the past, today and future using dynamic images, video and objects. Curated by Claire Bennett and PAMA’s exhibition project team.


Call for Submissions


PAMA is seeking proposals from artists, creators and makers for an upcoming museum exhibition entitled Stories of Home. Creators will be commissioned by PAMA to create interpretations of what "home” looks like, feels like, or means to them. 

Proposals for both representational and non-representational interpretations of this prompt are encouraged. We are open to proposals for all mediums, as long as the work is 3-dimensional and fits within a 11.5x11.5x11.5 inch acrylic box (supplied by PAMA). Mediums may include, but are not limited to: metal, plastic, wood, paper, textile, fibre, ceramic, glass, upcycled materials and mixed media. The selected works will be interspersed and integrated within a section of the larger Stories of Home exhibition. 

If your proposal is selected, the completed piece must be delivered to PAMA by February 26, 2024. Please keep this timeline in mind when preparing your proposal. Selected applicants will receive a deposit upon contract signing and the remainder of payment upon completion. Note: This is not a loan; PAMA will be purchasing the artwork outright. 

Submission Guidelines: 

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2023.  

Notification Date: December 22, 2023. 

Proposal should include: 

  • Description of work and how it conveys the creator’s idea of “home”: max 500 words 
  • Creator’s bio: max 200 words 
  • Sketch of proposed work 
  • PDF containing images of previous creations or a link to website or social media profile where examples of your existing works can be found 

Please email your proposal to with the subject line: Stories of Home Proposal 

If you have any questions regarding proposal submissions, please contact the email address above.

Diagram of a the Stories of Home exhibit with quotes overlaid.